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Son of a Madman

Families, for better or worse, we all have them. The timelines of our lives intersect, though they strike each other at unique and differing points. These collisions create a special type of cultural existential dilemma: that which develops out of an odd splay of differing generational values, knowledge (episteme), and personal experiences.


This novel focuses on the play of discord and transference that occurs across different generations of the same family. Generally speaking, its story is about a family that routinely pushes itself apart and how in the wake of an unexpected tragedy finds equally unexpected ways to come closer together—for the most part. While telling the powerful tale of overcoming madness, malaise, and domestic abuse it also creates a beacon of hope through the process of self-discovery aided by social and romantic development. 

There are few words that could be used to sum up this novel better than your own experience of it. 


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Reader Reviews

​This book is definitely an enjoyable read! Yes, it's very descriptive at times, but, I was able to connect with all the characters.

I related the most to Lilly and Ivan. I understood their feeling of being "stuck" in a place or situation, and how they lost a part of themselves as every day passed. 

I was also intrigued by the connection between Lilly's oldest son and Ivan. [redacted spoiler alert].

Amber was not only a great lesson to Ivan, but to all, including us readers. She changed my perspective on so many things I've always viewed as negative.

- Lea Aluie (Swipe Left Reviews)

4/5 Stars

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