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Life is Weird: SEcond Edition

Travel around the world in this deep and reflective real life adventure.

Non-fictional Philosophy comes to live through my travels from Hawaii to California, to France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and all the way back around to Hawaii. 

This chronologically composed travel diary has philosophic reflections woven into its fabric. Themes of self construct, identity, cultural relativity, imagination, freedom and liberty all arise through the course of my adventures studying abroad as an undergraduate student. 



"Magic, wonder, philosophy (namely phenomenology and existentialism) and travel all in one. It’s as if I was alongside the author on a soul journey, taking in all of of what both countries and people along the path had to offer him and us as readers. Being humorous and thought provoking at the same time, taking a trip through Life is Weird really reminds you that yes, Life is Weird but it is also very very beautiful. “Once one fills their self, they begin to overflow and they can shower themselves upon others. Our lives, spent as a forest of mountains, living in the clouds.”

— Anela Lani, Author and Blogger

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