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Daniel B. Martin

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Domino is the first of 8 stories in Alethea's Dreams. Taking place in an ambiguous antiquity, it could occur at any time and in any place. It is a story of slavery, of the madness of civilization and the 'order of things'. It poses many questions, far from the least of which is: whether or not the human condition can ever be improved upon. The full version of this story can be found in Alethea's Dreams, available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble on June 1, 2021.

Las Hijas De Mañana

Las Hijas de Mañana, is more of a nightmare than a dream. It was inspired by the plight of immigrants, particularly of Hispanic origin in the United States. It looks at how modern socio-political-economic factors influence violence and unlivable situations in many parts of the world.  It is intended to provide an as-if backstory to take the place of many individual's untold stories and to provide a voice for some of the missing voices of modernity.

The Doctor in Aleppo

In a make-shift hospital Dr. Faddy stands over the still body of a young boy with shrapnel lodged in his chest as the room shakes from exploding bombs in the near distance. As the lights flicker on and off he is transported across the events of his life which led him to stand amidst the chaos of war. This story focuses on themes of life motivations and the convergence of different ideologies of service.


The story Deal is a critique and commentary on modern industrial commercial consumer capitalism. It looks into the motivations of a man whom needs the foundation of his house fixed and the salesman who is negotiating the work order. A sneak peak into Samuel the salesman's home life shows how different forms of advertising create consumer demand and how the contemporary family unit deals with their constant consumer desires and the need to both create and distribute their finances. Each of the men involved in the Deal have their own motivations and external forces that push on them and help guide them through a modern economic transaction.

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