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Son of a Madman
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Ivan’s father is a madman: old, senile, and berating. Following the death of his wife, Dillon has no will to live. 

Lost in an endless maze of trying to keep up with yesterday Ivan’s personal life has been sidelined by the pursuit of his professional career. After long days in the office, Ivan comes home to the constant abuse of his father. 

Untimely circumstances develop. 

Ivan’s existential confrontation leads him to finally take accountability for his life. This process is made easier by a romantic relationship that he develops with his unusual secretary. Her influence leads him into a series of life changes which ultimately help free him from the monotony of his past. 

Meanwhile, the contours of Ivan’s sister’s life follow an all too familiar path of difference, dispute, and discord between her husband and their teenage son.

Alethea's Dreams
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With the full weight and gravity of the world pressing down upon her, Alethea rests in an uneasy slumber...

Through this thoughtful collection of stories, her dreams come to life. Begging to be uncovered, unearthed, and awakened, her concern for humanity manifests in the curiously tragic, romantic, and insightful lives of her dream’s main characters.

As the winds of change blow and the dirt is whisked away, the nature of her truth resurfaces in a myriad of times and places: the slave pit of a rock quarry to the King’s table; along distant mountain passes and the many endless highways of civilization; between the lines of blank pages; in the heart of modern suburbia; underneath the red berries of a threatened coffee farm that rests deep in the El Salvadorian jungle; stuck under the surgical knife in a flickering makeshift operating room amidst the chaotic throngs of war; across time and space into our most painful traumatic pasts, unto our unfolding futures and beyond. 


Alethea and her dreams take us underneath the surface of our illusions to the distant future that our hearts all long for.

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Life is Weird:
Second Edition

Practical philosophy comes to life in author Daniel B. Martin's travels. This non-fictional story is constructed from stream of consciousness diary entries written as he moved from California to Hawaii and later traveled from Hawaii back to California, only to leave again for Paris, Amsterdam, Lyon, Annecy, Geneva, and back around. The mission was simple: forget cultural biases and see the world through a fresher set of eyes. The study of conscious experience of phenomena known philosophically as phenomenology (a scary-sounding word to some) is the method used to blur the borders between philosophy and nonfictional literature in Life is Weird.

Traveling is a great way to gain more perspective on life. Traveling takes you out of your comfortable world of normality and challenges your conceptions by way of other persons' normalities. This may at first be quite unsettling, but it can also be wonderful. Open your eyes, and become excited about whatever comes around the next bend. Let that excitement motivate you into finding your happiness. You can start from wherever you are. Explore your fears, and find your liberation

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