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This contemporary generational saga follows the existential crises of a man named Ivan and his family.


Ivan is a businessman who has sidelined his personal life to expand his business, and who constantly comes home to the abuse of his father—a drunken madman.

Exhausted by going through the motions, lost in a futile attempt at catching up with yesterday, a confrontation with death causes Ivan to take his life more seriously. Aided by the spark of a new romance with his peculiar secretary, Ivan searches for hidden parts of himself before the best years of his life fall behind him.

Meanwhile, his sister Lilly comes to face an uncomfortable recognition of the worst parts of her father in her husband, Robert. The contours of her family dynamic lead to a reckoning in which she must evaluate what is best for her and her children.

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A Collection of Existential Fiction

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With the full weight and gravity of the world pressing down upon her, Alethea rests in an uneasy slumber...

Through this thoughtful collection of stories, Alethea's dreams come to life. Begging to be uncovered, unearthed, and awakened. Her concern for humanity manifests in the curiously tragic, romantic, and insightful lives of her dream’s main characters.

As the winds of change blow and the dirt is whisked away, the nature of her truth resurfaces in a myriad of times and places: the slave pit of a rock quarry to the King’s table; along distant mountain passes, and the many endless highways of civilization; between the lines of blank pages; in the heart of modern suburbia; underneath the red berries of a threatened coffee farm that rests deep in the El Salvadorian jungle; stuck under the surgical knife in a flickering makeshift operating room amidst the chaotic throngs of war; across time and space into our most painful traumatic pasts, unto our unfolding futures, and beyond,

Alethea and her dreams take us underneath the surface of our illusions to the distant future that our hearts long for.

Daniel's Story

Born in Orange County, California in 1990, Daniel B. Martin grew up at the beach. In 2011 he moved to Hawaii to study philosophy at the University of Hawaii at Manoa on Oahu. Martin spent a few years after my undergraduate studies living on Maui, in California, and on the road. In 2018 he relocated to the Netherlands to study for a Masters in Philosophical Anthropology and Philosophy of Culture. 

Martin writes to influence the way humans interact with the world through their own intimate lived experiences. He chose to step his philosophy away from the boring confines of academia to focus on creating philosophically investigative fiction. 

Martin's work is published through his independent publishing house, Prefuture Publishing, which offers him constant new challenges and opportunities for innovation. His dedication to adding to the anals of history extends from his personal work and independent publishing house to his day job, as a publisher, working for a non-competitive major global publisher.

Daniel's Books
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Life is Weird: Second Edition

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Alethea's Dreams

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Son of a Madman

Reader Reviews

"Alethea’s Dreams by Daniel Martin is a sweeping look at an array of philosophical topics, such as freedom, love, truth, value, and honesty. With laser precision the author unfolds the deep inner workings of the human psyche through the compelling format of short stories that seem unrelated but are actually intertwined in the messages they convey.

This book provides a good look at humanity. The opening explanation of who and what Alethea is was helpful to set the tone for the pages to come, and the revisiting of Alethea at the end helped the reader intellectually and emotionally digest the stories in the book. Author Daniel Martin creates an often magical and sometimes tragic setting for each story and has the skill to make each character come alive within the first paragraph or two of each story. I can’t imagine any reader not enjoying this book. Alethea’s Dreams is beautifully and compassionately written.

Sheena Monnin

Luminisoity Media Group

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